Recent Talks and Appearances

  • Guest on John Stossel’s show on the Fox Business network discussing political correctness on campus.
  • Participant in debate on campus free speech issues.
  • Participant in Intelligence Squared debate on the question, “Do Liberals Stifle Intellectual Diversity on the College Campus?”
  • Guest on This Week in Blackness podcast.
  • Student government retreat, Associated Students of Madison, University of Wisconsin. I talked about the role of student government in building student power on campus with the newly-elected members of the ASM assembly.
  • United States Student Association Legislative Conference, Washington, DC. I spoke on the history of the state student association movement in the US since 1960 and facilitated a discussion on the role of white students in anti-racist organizing.
  • Keynote speech, Connecticut Students Organization. I spoke on the importance of statewide student associations in American student activism, and about some of the pitfalls such groups face when they’re getting organized.
  • Lecture, BHQFU, New York City. I discussed the roots of contemporary student organizing struggles in the higher education transformations of the 1970s and the neglected but transformative campus activist movements of that decade.
  • Panel discussion, CUNY Student Summit. I joined a group of past and present student organizers from across New York to talking about the history of activism in the state and its relevance to the organizers of today.

Booking Me to Speak

I speak frequently on campuses and at conferences on the history of student activism and student government, on the state of the American student movement today, and on how students can organize more effectively to win concrete victories and grow their movements.

If you’re interested in bringing me to your campus or event but aren’t sure how to go about it, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that I’m happy to send you by email.

For a letter of reference from Wisconsin’s United Council, click here. For video of some of my appearances at the Center for American Progress, click here or here.

If you’d like a copy of the speaking guide, or to discuss bringing me out, drop me a line at