A police siege of the University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras campus is now in its third day, as cops continue to thwart efforts to supply food and water to striking students inside.

Meanwhile, plans are moving forward for a general strike on the island tomorrow.

UPR students took over the campus nearly a month ago, amid protests against cutbacks and fee hikes. Police established positions blocking campus gates on Friday after their early-morning attempt to surreptitiously enter the campus ended in failure. Nine of the university system’s ten other campuses remain shuttered as well.

The university’s president, José Ramón de la Torre, said yesterday that negotiations with the strikers are ongoing, and the San Juan Superior Court is slated to take up the question of whether the police siege may legally continue.

A local representative of Amnesty International has called the siege “an abuse of power” whose “only aim is to intimidate and frighten and intimidate.”

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