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New School In Exile … What’s Happening?

Ongoing reports on the New School occupation can be found here. So I was supposed to be posting the final installment of my series on the New School In Exile this week, but with another building occupation underway at the New School, that post is going on the back burner. I will, though, share a few […]

New School In Exile … What Happened? (Part Three)

(This is part three of a four-part series. Parts one and two are here and here.) The posting at the NSIE site said that the April 1 action was going to kick off at “the 12th Street building” at 2 o’clock. It didn’t give an address. I Googled up a campus map without too much trouble, […]

New School In Exile … What Happened? (Part Two)

(This is part two of a four-part series. Part one is here and part three is here.)  On February 10, the New School In Exile threw down the gauntlet. Bob Kerrey would quit by April 1, or they would bring the New School’s operations to a halt. The ultimatum, delivered at a public meeting, was broadcast […]

New School In Exile … What Happened? (Part One)

At the end of last year The New School In Exile was the most famous single-campus student activist group in the country. Waging a confrontational campaign against former Senator Bob Kerrey, the New School’s deeply unpopular president, they won concessions from administrators — and major media coverage — by staging an audacious 32-hour occupation of a […]

New School In Exile Update: Two More Days

Here’s the latest communiqué from The New School In Exile: No, we haven’t forgotten about April 1st, and neither has the administration. But don’t worry, there is plenty in the works, and the day should not disappoint.  Think carnival. Think circus. Think roving flash mobs. Think zombie Kerrey and Murtha armies. Think beanbag circus freaks […]