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MTV To Televise Obama Youth Ball

MTV has cancelled its planned inaugural ball, and will instead broadcast live from the official Obama youth ball on inauguration night. The MTV special, “Be the Change: Live from the Inaugural,” will feature live footage of Obama’s remarks at the Youth Inaugural Ball, as well as musical performances from that event. Be the Change will […]

Obama Youth Inaugural Ball a Fiasco?

The Obama Youth Inaugural Ball was a logistical and political disaster, says author and organizer Michael Connery. The ball was over-booked, ticket-holders were barred from the event or sequestered in side rooms, and the whole event was locked down by police for more than an hour, Connery says. On top of all that the Youth Ball’s […]

Obama Speaks at the Youth Inaugural Ball

Here is the text of President Barack Obama’s remarks at the youth inaugural ball, from a transcript provided by MTV: “I’ve been looking forward to this ball for quite some time because, when you look at the history of this campaign, what started out as an improbable journey when nobody gave us a chance was […]

Obama’s Youth Ball

Just a quick hit: Obama has announced that he’ll be making an official appearance at a Youth Inaugural Ball on inauguration day. The ball is only open to people 18-35, and at $75, tickets are half the price of the other official inaugural balls. January 21 Update: Obama’s remarks at the youth inaugural can be seen here.

What’s the Deal on the Youth Vote?

So what happened with the youth vote in 2010? Well, you can expect to see a lot of this in the coming days: The youth vote was a bust for the Democratic Party this year. Young voters plummeted as a share of the electorate and support for the Democrats declined. Where young voters went for […]