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“Youth Movement” or Just Young?

Democratic Party youth activist Kevin Bondelli has a blogpost up on the split in political organizing “between those of us that consider ourselves part of the youth movement, whose goal is to increase the role of young people in elections and governance, and campaign/government staff who happen to be young.” His piece piggybacks on┬áMichael Connery […]

MTV Paid for Youth Inaugural Footage

We mentioned yesterday that MTV will be broadcasting from Barack Obama’s Youth Inaugural Ball next Tuesday, in a program that will feature musical performances and live coverage of Obama’s remarks to the ball’s attendees. This morning the Washington Post is reporting that MTV paid $650,000 for that privilege. According to the Post, the Obama inaugural […]

One Year!

Turns out I missed the exact anniversary — it was on Tuesday — but it’s been one year since went live. In honor of that milestone, here’s a list of the site’s top ten search terms ever and the posts that inspired them… 10: sds wiki Back in January I wrote about a very […]