2022 Update | I still have some stickers, but it’s been a long time since I sent any out. If I start the project up again—and I’m sure I will at some point—I’ll post here (and on Twitter, if it still exists) to say so.

2019 Update | After a bit of a hiatus, the project is up and running again. If you have a pending sticker request from back in the day, please fill out the form at the new link below, and I’ll be sure send them out to you.

•          •          •

Okay, so I bought some stickers. Specifically, I had some stickers made. More specifically, I had more than  two   five   eleven   seventeen   twenty  twenty-eight thousand stickers  made.

Want some?


Each of the stickers is one inch tall by six inches long. (Think bookmark, not bumper sticker.) They’re made of vinyl, not paper, and they’re white print on a black background.

May 1 Update | The stickers are now available with a pink or a rainbow flag background, in addition to the black. And as of this morning, they’re available in red as well. Happy May Day!

If you’d like some, you can have some. For free. Here’s how it’s going to work.

If you’d like some stickers, fill out this Google form, giving me your name and address, and telling me how many stickers you want and what you’re going to use them for.

That’s it. If you’d like five or fewer, that’s all you have to do—just tell me you want them, and I’ll send them. I’ll stuff the envelopes, I’ll cover the postage. Everything. (The form is set up for US addresses, so if you’re overseas, you’ll need provide your full address in a comment to your request.)

If you’d like more than five stickers, or you’d like to kick in some money to help cover my costs, that’d be great. (Really great. I’m an adjunct professor, and I don’t make a lot of money. This is an extravagance on my part, not an eccentricity.) Just click here and donate via GoFundMe. (If you donate make sure you include your name so I can match it up with the one on your request form. You can send the name privately if you like.)

How much should you donate? Well, there’s no set charge per sticker, but don’t make me a chump. I’m going to put the first chunk of cash I receive directly into buying more stickers, and I’m hoping this works out well enough to be a model that I can use again in the future without draining my bank account. In other words, if you send me a dollar and ask for five hundred stickers, that’s not going to be sustainable. (If you want more than a hundred stickers, check with me by email before you fill out the form. If you’re not sure whether your donation is too small for the number of stickers you’re requesting, feel free to ask.)

If you’ve got any general questions, feel free to ask them here, but remember to use the Google form to request stickers.

If you’re concerned about giving out your address, here’s the deal: I’m going to use your info to get you the stickers, and that’s it. I won’t share it with anybody, and I won’t keep it for myself. Pinky promise.

TLDR: Request stickers here. Donate here, if you like.

January 27 Update | More than 450 requests for stickers in the first 24 hours, from forty-four states plus Canada, Britain, Austria, and the Netherlands. I’ve already put in an order for more stickers and a whole mess of envelopes and mailing labels, and I’m heading out to buy stamps today.

$1,776 in total donations (no, really) as I write this. We’ve had about one donation for every four sticker requests, which is wonderful—and which is about the rate we need for this project to continue to be self-sustaining.

So if you can donate, that’s amazing—and thank you so much. But if you can’t, please don’t be shy about putting in a request. I’ve got your back.

January 28 Update | Since so many people have asked, and since I’m beginning to get a better sense of the economics of this project, if you’re interested in receiving stickers in bulk, a donation of 50 cents or a dollar a sticker is a pretty good rule of thumb. At that rate we should be able to keep giving out stickers for free for a while.

February 23 Update | Continuing to plow my way through the requests, getting closer and closer to being caught up. Ordered 6,000 more stickers this week, which means that by about two weeks from now I should have completely cleared the backlog. If you have ordered, but haven’t received your stickers, check back here in a bit—I’ll post again when I’m completely up to date, and you can nudge me then if your order went missing. And again, thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the project—you’ve made this possible, and are making it possible to continue.

March 4 Update | New stickers are in, including one thousand PINK ones. Backlog almost cleared, new requests will be filled much more quickly.

March 18 Update | Mailed off our one-thousandth envelope yesterday. Just about caught up—printed out 150 labels today, and that’s the last of the orders to date.

2019 Update | The project has restarted after a hiatus. Links for requesting stickers and donating have been updated—if somehow a request you made in 2017 or 2018 fell through the cracks, please resubmit it and I’ll send your stickers out now. (A fair number of envelopes were returned in the initial wave because of bad or incomplete addresses, and it’s possible yours was among them.)