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This occasional roundup of student movement stories is put together by Isabelle Nastasia, a CUNY undergrad, New York Students Rising organizer, and friend of this site. 

Featured Campus of the Day: Emory University

As American as … Compromise – Emory website (Trigger warning: this is super racist.)

Controversy Over Wagners Column – Emory Wheel

Emory President Holds Up Three-Fifth Compromise as Noble and Honorable  – Salon

Emory President Praises Three-Fifths Compromise as a “Pragmatic Solution” – Gawker

Faculty Censure Wagner, Consider Voting No Confidence – Emory Wheel

Important perspectives on education injustice:

Conservatives Declare War on College – Salon

Truth and Justice Report – Colorado Progressive Coalition

Universities Overtake Prisons in Gov. Walker’s Budget – JS Online (Maxwell Love of United Council of UW Students says “Before you start patting the Governor on the back: we lost $350 million and [UW students] get back $100 million…”)

Why Do Black and Latino Youth Struggle in School? – Colorlines

Sallie Mae Sells Interest – ZACKS

The Revolution Will Not be Televised: Deconstructing the News Briefing on Higher Ed Funding – Restructuring Public Higher Ed

Student Loans Unable to Refinanced – TIME

Free Education – McGill Daily (MOOCs are a growing part of the education crisis in Quebec as well in the U.S.)

College Students Struggle to Complete Education – The Knight News

Deferred Cooper Union Applicants Feel Like Collateral in Board’s Beef with Art School – Village Voice

Another Dark Day for Indiana’s Public Schools – Journal Gazette

Whether we are occupying buildings or writing bills,  we are students taking action!

CCSF Students Occupy Conlan Hall – Golden Gates Express (ABC Local covered this as well.)

Students, Faculty Call for Leadership Overhaul of Wilberforce – Springfield News

Speech to the University Regents – Student Union of Michigan

The New Deal for Students – USSA

Steps forward on the policy-change front:

Denver Takes Bold Step Towards Eliminating its School-to-Prison Pipeline – Colorlines

DMW releasing Drivers Licenses to Many Immigrants – WRAL (Colorlines tells us why they are still problematic for many DREAMers, here)

No Salary Increase for UC – Changing Universities

Bookstore punts Adidas Gear From Shelves – The Santa Clara

Essays on student movement-building and radical organizing strategy:

Charging Through the Archway of History: Immigrants and African Americans Unite to Transform of Labor and the Power of Community – Portside

Hidden in Plain Sight – Free University NYC (Commissioned by Tidal 4 – Occupy Theory. This piece is a collaboration between myself, Manissa McCleave Maharawal, Conor Tomas Reed and Zoltan Gluck–faculty and students at CUNY.)

Developing Militant the Lefts Minstrel Show and How College Educated Revolutionaries of All Colors Keep the Working Class Shucking and Jiving – Fire Next Time

What is a Strike?  –  IDS News

This occasional roundup of student movement stories is put together by Isabelle Nastasia, an undergraduate CUNY student, New York Student Rising organizer, and friend of this site.

Updates from Free Cooper Union:

Photos and Video: Cooper Union Students Vow to Stay Free or Die Tryin’ – East Village Blog NYT

Cooper Union Saga Continues… – HyperAllergic

Cooper Union Students Protest Delayed Early Admission Amid Tuition Fight – DNAInfo

And in other news:

A Melee Grows in Brooklyn – Chronicle for Higher Education (written by Paisley Currah, Chair of the Brooklyn College Political Science department, after his department at CUNY sponsored a BDS-related club event)

Dispatches from the Student Movement: February 15 – The Nation (edited by The Nation intern James Cersonsky who wrote the next article…)

Where are Student Voices in the Gun Control Debate? – AlterNet

What Happened to the Need-Blind Thing? – Wesleying

FSU Rallies Against Scott’s Policies – FSU News

Mass. Dept of Ed Issues Rules on Transgender Pupils –  AP

Five Myths of Talking about Race with Your Child – RIIS

What if Students Designed Their Own Schools? – GOOD

The 20 Companies with the Lowest Wages – Business Insider  (Note: Many of them can be found on campuses across the US!)

What’s Sequestration Mean in Real Life? – Colorlines (Spoiler: Budget cuts to education, healthcare, Section 8 vouchers, high levels of unemployment.)

UW Cut Ties to Adidas, Victory for Students – Seattle PI

(We’re thrilled to welcome Isabelle to the site. Stay tuned for more roundups in the coming days! —AJ)

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