Cue the Dr. Evil jokes — a major Clinton donor secretly offered to give the Young Democrats of America one million dollars if YDA’s two remaining superdelegates endorsed Hillary.

An unnamed “high-ranking official” in YDA tells the Huffington Post that billionaire Clinton supporter Haim Saban made the offer in a phone call to Young Dems president David Hardt in advance of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries.

YDA leadership is said to have “agonized” over the proposal, which would have increased their operating budget for the year by a third. Support for Barack Obama was “overwhelming” within YDA, however, and the organization ultimately turned the money down.

The YDA has three superdelegates. Crystal Strait recently announced her support for Obama, while Francisco Domenech endorsed Clinton in January. Hardt, the group’s only uncommitted super, stated on Friday that he will make no endorsement “until every young voter has made their voice heard.” 

Update: According to Wikipedia, Saban is the 102nd richest person in America … and the co-author of the Inspector Gadget theme song.