The New York Times and the BBC are reporting that leftist youth and student rioting in Greece is entering its third day.

The riots, sparked by the police killing of a 15-year-old in Athens on Saturday, have spread to other major cities, and multiple demonstrations are planned for Monday.

Protesters are using gasoline bombs and rocks against the police, and dozens of officers have been injured since Saturday. 

In 1973 the military sent tanks onto the campus of Athens Polytechnic University to suppress a student revolt against the country’s ruling junta, killing at least 22 civilians. Since then, the police and army have been barred from Greece’s college campuses.

The protesters this week have used campuses as safe havens, retreating to them when pursued by police, and even throwing Molotov cocktails at officers from behind their gates.

Students and youth are co-ordinating their protests online and posting reports on events at According to accounts at that site, at least three buildings at Athens Polytechnic are currently under occupation by protesters.