Seven members of Brown University’s chapter of Students for a Democratic Society have been given probation by a university disciplinary board for their roles in an October protest.

Each of the seven will have to perform fifty hours of community service, four will have to write papers on university governance, and one will have to write a paper on privacy issues. In addition, the university will formally notify each student’s parents about the ruling and the punishments.

The charges stemmed from a protest at an early October meeting of the university’s governing “Corporation,” at which one group of students rushed the door of the building in which the meeting was being held, and another attempted to enter through an upper-floor window with a ladder. The students were expressing “concerns about the Corporation’s exclusive decision-making procedures and lack of transparency.”

The hearing on the charges lasted 19 hours. Eight students were named in the complaint, but one was exonerated after he produced witnesses showing that he had not been among those who stormed the meeting.