Just for the record, and because I haven’t seen the specific numbers anywhere else…

The York University Strike hit a milestone today: At 79 days, it became the longest strike in York history, and the third-longest in the history of Canadian higher education.

The second longest strike in Canadian higher ed history was the Laval University strike of 1976. A bunch of online sources say it lasted for “four months,” but I’ve been able to confirm that it clocked in at exactly 108 days.

The longest such strike was the 1976-77 strike at the University of Quebec, at 123 days.

To sum up:

  • On January 23 the 2007-08 York University strike became the third longest university strike in Canadian history.
  • On February 22 it will become the second longest.
  • And on March 9 it will enter the record books as the longest higher education strike in the history of Canada.

Mark your calendars, kids.