In my post on what Take Back NYU’s critics got wrong, I noted that amnesty for students who participate in sit-ins protects such students “from excessive and arbitrary retribution,” and argued that such protection ” is particularly important at a private university, where protesters’ due process rights are are often limited.”

Tonight Faculty Democracy, a group of NYU professors, is arguing that the administration’s handling of the TBNYU aftermath is demonstrating just such a disrespect for due process:

As NYU faculty, we call on the Administration to reinstate those students who have been summarily suspended for their recent protest at Kimmel, pending proper hearings by NYU’s disciplinary board. If there is disciplinary action, it should follow—not precede—fair hearings, in which both sides are represented and the faculty consulted.

Wednesday night update: NYU Local is reporting that all of the TBNYU suspensions will be lifted on Friday. We’ll keep an eye out for confirmation.

Thursday morning update: The NYU administration is apparently offering to end suspensions of TBNYU 18 on Friday, with conditions. At least one student has confirmed she will accept the offer.

Friday morning update: TBNYU says all the protesters will be back in class on Monday.