April 10 update: This morning at five o’clock New School students occupied a building on campus. Follow that story here.

Spring break ends tomorrow at the New School, a New York City university that has seen ongoing student protest in recent months. Two recent messages from The New School In Exile, the group behind many of the recent demonstrations, suggest that the next few weeks are likely to be lively ones.

That New School In Exile is planning more protest has long been a given. In February they announced that they would shut down the New School if university president Bob Kerrey didn’t resign by April 1.

As of today, Kerrey is still in office with just ten days left on the clock. 

In an open letter posted to their website early this morning, NSIE declared that a loose group of thirty to sixty students has been meeting regularly this semester to prepare for April 1. The letter says their grievances can only be “addressed … through the removal of those who have systematically obstructed channels of reform,” and calls the April first deadline “an opportunity for all students to come together and take back their university.”

Just hours before spring break began, an NSIE activist was arrested for allegedly spray-painting “Bye Bob” on the door of Kerrey’s Greenwich Village residence. A message that appeared on the NSIE blog shortly after that arrest declared that “the New School and any other forms of authoritarian structure imposed upon us … will never jeopardize our movement through crack-downs and other inhospitable actions.”

“We will win,” it continued, “because We stand together no matter what befalls us … you can punish us as individuals as much as you like, but you cannot break our collective will!”

Stay tuned.

March 30 update: Still no action, but a new post on their website promises that April 1 will be a day to remember.