(This is part three of a four-part series. Parts one and two are here and here.)

The posting at the NSIE site said that the April 1 action was going to kick off at “the 12th Street building” at 2 o’clock. It didn’t give an address.

I Googled up a campus map without too much trouble, though. The New School only has two buildings on 12th Street, it turns out, and since one of them is a dorm, I figured I was looking for the other one. I’d previously arranged to meet someone on the Lower East Side at three o’clock, so I planned to hang around for the first half hour or so of the NSIE event before heading across town.

I arrived at 66 West 12th Street a few minutes after two. There were three cops standing outside the building, but no students. I stepped into the lobby and saw two guards, a desk, a turnstile, and a big sign that said that there was no admittance to the premises without New School ID. Ten or fifteen feet beyond that, I saw a small group of students, talking quietly among themselves. No sign, no greeter, no presence beyond the barrier.

There appeared to be no way for me to join the rally, if that’s what it was, so I walked around the corner and got a slice of pizza.

About twenty minutes later, when I was done with my slice, I walked by the building again. More cops outside now, but still no students. I peeked in the window. The group inside looked a bit larger, but it was still on the other side of the guards. I went to see my friend.

NSIE’s post had said that there was going to be a march sometime between two and four o’clock, and a press conference at “the 13th Street building” at four. Once again, it didn’t say which building.

It turns out that the New School has six buildings that face 13th Street. Only four of the six have 13th Street addresses, though, and five of the six are clustered in a two-block stretch.

Looking at the campus map, I narrowed down the likelies to two or three, all between Fifth and Sixth Avenue.

I wandered down the length of the block at about 4:05, and saw a lot of cops but no press conference. One building had two guys in front arguing politics, one of whom was holding a clipboard, but that was the closest thing I saw to a rally. 

And that was it. I did two laps of the block, peeked across Fifth Avenue to some other buildings I thought might be possible candidates, and gave up at about 4:15.

So what’s it all mean? Stay tuned. Almost there.