Here are the thirteen demands put forward by the students who sat in at the University of Vermont yesterday:

1. REVOKE all DISMISSALS and non-reappointments thus far issued.

2. TERMINATE all plans for more layoffs and non-reappointments of staff and faculty.

3. Return positions that have been reduced to part-time back to FULL-TIME status.

4. Issue a statement of NEUTRALITY respecting the right of staff and faculty to ORGANIZE.

5. DISCLOSE all budget reconciliation options that were reviewed and considered prior to the decision to initiate layoffs.

6. DISCLOSE all information related to administrative compensation and bonuses.

7. Return ALL administrative BONUSES from FY `08 and FY `09 to the UVM general fund.

8. Return administrative salary pool to the 2002 levels.

9. Pursue all legal options to utilize the university’s ENDOWMENT to close the FY `10 operating budget gap.

10. CAP rate of TUITION and room and board fee increase at corresponding year rate of inflation.

11. Establish with us a democratic process by which students, staff, and faculty have a decisive role in decisions regarding the budget.

12. CAP student body population at Fall 2009 levels.

13. REINSTATE the varsity Softball and Baseball teams.