The Iowa Daily published a front-page article yesterday on the arrest records of the members of the University of Iowa Student Government.

The article, which was based on public records searches, reported that ten UISG members “have criminal charges other than traffic violations,” mostly citations for underage drinking or public intoxication.

The article names four of the ten offenders, providing details of the records of each:

  • The SGUI vice president, who picked up a public intoxication charge last year.
  • A senator who has seven infractions on his record, five of them for public intoxication.
  • A senator with six infractions, including two charges for using false ID to obtain alcohol.
  • A senator with two underage drinking charges and one for theft.

Not all of these charges have resulted in convictions or pleas — the article notes that at least one case is currently pending.

The article suggests that this information raises a “question for UI officials — along with current and former UISG members” as to “how much those tickets affect representatives’ credibility and ability to lead the students.”