Starting today, I’ll be posting highlights from the previous week’s twitter feed every weekend. I won’t repost every tweet, and I’ll mostly be concentrating on links — links back to this blog, and also links to other sites.

Here’s the highlights of the last week. Follow @studentactivism on Twitter to get it all as it comes through…

Links to this blog:

U of Michigan professor accused of assaulting student sex worker is back in the classroom:

Undercover state police raid dorm party after Facebook page tips them off to underage drinking:

Howard University student paper meets w/HU prez after#HUProtest, student govt says “no thanks”:

Oakland University faculty & admin reach deal to end strike after judge orders round-the-clock talks:

Quote of the Day: Malcolm X at Oxford University, December 3, 1964.

Someone once said activists should avoid the mistakes of the past and commit the mistakes of the future. #4change

Here’s that “mistakes of the future” quote in full: #4change

Student govt advocates in India attacked by police, sparking riot and 3-days of campus protests:

Links to other sites:

Via @JayBeeStarsky, A Pennsylvania college’s tips for surviving a campus mass shooting:

RT @CoCoSouthLA: SCYEA youth speak about student activism at SF State: (via @ucLActivist323)

Longtime student/antiwar activist Tom Hayden interviewed on Vietnam and Afghanistan:

RT @thecurvature: New Post: Some Thoughts on Tucker Max

U of Wyoming to name center for international students after Dick Cheney:

Two Cal State students are suing over fee increases:

Public HS coach takes team to church, baptizes them:

Joe Wilson was re-elected with only 53.6% of the vote in 2008. This is going to get fun quick.

Suddenly, young people are flocking to Twitter:

Yale can’t uncover source of creepy email ranking new female students’ sexual attractiveness:

This @womanistmusings post is a perfect analysis of the Caster Semenya media firestorm:

RT @zephoria: I (heart) @theonion: “Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids”