The post below is from Thursday morning, before the walkout began. For reports from the walkout itself, go here, and for a campus-by-campus wrapup of the day’s events, go here.

Students, faculty, and staff at all ten campuses of the University of California will be walking out today in protest of rising fees, pay cuts, enrollment restrictions, and the defunding of the UC system. This post provides an overview of what’s going on at each University of California campus today.

I’ll be updating as the day progresses, and I encourage visitors to add additional info in comments. Follow the @studentactivism Twitter feed and the #UCwalkout Twitter hashtag for real-time updates. (Update: Lots of tweets on the walkout aren’t using the hashtag, so search uc walkout for a fuller picture.)

The statewide walkout is scheduled for noon, with each campus holding a rally at that time. Other events will be taking place before and after. The University Professional and Technical Employees union has called a one-day strike in coordination with the walkout, and will be mounting picket lines on the various campuses over the course of the day.


A teach-in on the walkout was held yesterday evening, and half a dozen “teach-outs” on various topics are scheduled for this morning. A noon rally is planned for Upper Sproul Plaza, and there will be a General Assembly at Sproul Plaza at 6 pm.

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Participants in the UC Davis walkout are encouraged to join the campus picket lines at any time during the day. There will be a noon rally on the campus quad.

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There will be an “interactive drama”  in the Arts Plaza from 9 to 10 am, and teach-ins throughout the morning. The noon rally will take place at the flagpoles, and there will be another rally from 2 to 3 pm in the Social Science Plaza. From 5 to 7 pm there will be more teach-ins at Humanities Gateway 1010.

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Rally set-up at Bruin Plaza begins at 10:30, with a graduate student picnic at Meyerhoff Park at 11 am. The noon rally will begin at Bruin Plaza, and will march to Murphy Hall at 1 pm or a little later. From there, the marchers will head to Ronald Reagan Medical. There will be additional picketing and leafleting at UCLA Freud Theater from 6 to 8 pm.

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There will be petitioning throughout campus, and tabling in front of the Koiligian Library from 10 am to 3 pm.

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There will be a teach-in at the corner of Canyon Crest and University Drive from 10 am to 3 pm. Events will include speakers, hip-hop theater, and rallies.

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San Diego

There was a teach-in last night, and there will be another at the Pepper Canyon Building courtyard at 12:30 pm today.

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San Francisco

I haven’t found any online sources for information on the UCSF walkout yet.

Santa Barbara

There will be a variety of events going on all day, including tabling at the Davidson Library and an “open art studio” with lectures and hands-on workshops at Building 434. The rally at the Arbor (in front of the library’s main entrance) will begin with poems and songs at 11:30, and will continue with speakers from noon until 1 pm.

UCSB is also planning a teach-in on October 14 from 3 pm to midnight.

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Santa Cruz

A friend writes that there will be a rally at noon, a general assembly at 3 pm, and picketing until 8 pm. Locations coming…

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