ucsc-occupation-humanities_10-15-09Two weeks after their occupation of a graduate student union building ended, UCSC student activists staged another campus takeover last night.

Details are still sketchy on the current occupation, but here’s what I have so far:

Sometime yesterday, apparently yesterday evening, students began an occupation at the University of California Santa Cruz.

According to this post at Santa Cruz Indymedia, the occupation is of UCSC’s “Humanities 2” building, which houses classrooms and offices, including the office of the Dean of Social Sciences. A comment there says that one student was maced and arrested early in the occupation, but that as of one o’clock this morning, other students remained barricaded inside, controlling the entire building.

This statement from UCSC activists, dated yesterday, indicates that more than one student was arrested and maced, and charges that students were not given proper warning before police moved in.

2:30 pm update | New details from Twitterer @creativecstasy, a UCSC student who was on the scene last night (and who took the photo posted above). She says the activists who conducted the takeover “knew what they were doing,” and that they “moved swiftly,” using “furniture/benches/trash [cans] to barricade doors.”

Once the occupiers were inside, supporters of the takeover massed for a dance party in front of the building, while the occupation’s manifesto was read aloud and projected with scrolling text on an outside wall.  The occupation was still going on when she left late last night, @creativecstasy says, and as far as she knows the students are still inside now.

4:00 pm update | UC Santa Cruz has released a statement on the events of last night. By that account, three students were pepper-sprayed while attempting to barricade the building with a table. One of the three was arrested, and the other two avoided capture.

The UCSC statement also says that students took over the building “for several hours last night,” but gives no details about when and how the occupation ended. A cryptic note posted moments ago on the Occupy CA website, however, seems to suggest that the students left the building voluntarily.

morning update | Two responses to the UCSC administration’s statement have been posted on the Occupy CA website.