The University of California regents approved a 32% increase in undergraduate fees at a few minutes before one o’clock this afternoon. Student regent Jesse Bernal was the only vote in opposition.

Students are occupying Campbell Hall at UCLA and the Kresge Town Hall at UC Santa Cruz at this hour, as protests in front of the now-adjourned regents meeting continue.

One protester was arrested earlier today, but there have been no reports of any repeats of yesterday’s police violence.

Watch this space for further updates over the course of the afternoon.

1:20 pm | Student protesters have surrounded Covel Hall, where the regents meeting was held. As one Twitterer put it, “The #UCRegents aren’t leaving for a while.”

4:05 pm | It’s been a busy afternoon. The regents were stuck in or near Covel for more than two hours, and officials and police launched several failed attempts to move them before they were able to get them off campus. Most of the student demonstrators dispersed after the regents and UC President Mark Yudof left the area.

4:15 pm | Four buildings at three UC campuses are currently under occupation — Campbell Hall at UCLA and Kresge Town Hall at UCSC, both mentioned earlier, along with Kerr Hall at UCSC and Mrak Hall at UC Davis. Students at Kerr have been holding a mass meeting to discuss the terms and demands of their occupation, and students at Campbell are planning evening events. More on those occupations soon.

4:45 pm | There have been some clashes between police and the remaining student protesters around Covel. Not clear if any arrests have been made. Unconfirmed reports earlier suggested cops had detained at least two students, and Tasered at least two others. Will report more fully when verified information becomes available.