Today started off quietly in the University of California — for the first time in nearly a week, the day began without students hunkered down behind barricades anywhere in the UC system.

Students were still sitting in at UCSC’s Kresge Town Hall, but the mood there was hardly confrontational on either side — the university’s administration described them as “hanging out” rather than occupying. Similarly, when students returned to Mrak Hall at UC Davis, the site of 52 arrests on Thursday night, they called it a study-in, not an occupation.

Several other campuses hosted mass student meetings to debrief and plan strategy — throughout the state there was a sense that activists were pausing for a breath after the tumult of the previous five days.

That didn’t last long.

A little before three o’clock this afternoon, a crowd of more than a hundred students estimated entered the lobby of the offices of UC president Mark Yudof in Oakland, asking to speak with Yudof. Three hours later, they’re still there.

The building is scheduled to close at six o’clock — eight minutes from now, as I write this. I’ll have more soon.

6:10 pm | Multiple sources on Twitter are reporting that the students left UCOP peacefully before the building closed. An official UC Twitter feed says that a university vice president and provost pledged “to march to Sacramento with students to advocate for more higher ed funding.”