I’ve thrown together an index of last week’s Campus Progress panel on college affordability and the UC student movement, which featured myself (Angus Johnston), Victor Sanchez of the University of California Student Association, University of California professor Bruce Cain, and Pedro de la Torre and Erica Williams of Campus Progress.

0:00:00 Erica Williams welcomes the audience.

0:00:55 Opening remarks from Representative Tim Bishop (D-NY).

0:08:10 Williams introduces the panel.

0:12:19 Victor Sanchez on the current UC crisis and the student response.

0:16:48 Bruce Cain on the political context of the UC crisis.

0:21:35 Sanchez responds to Cain.

0:24:41 Angus Johnston on historical precedents and contemporary activism beyond California.

0:28:48 Pedro de la Torre on the political and economic climate for college access.

0:33:37 Cain on the role of the research university and the squeezing of the middle class.

0:38:24 Sanchez on student-administration relations.

0:42:17 De la Torre on the economic stresses facing middle class and poor students.

0:43:20 Sanchez responds to de la Torre, discusses undocumented students’ issues.

0:44:36 Johnston on the changing student population and the role of students in setting the university’s agenda.

0:51:21 Cain on the importance of student protest.

0:54:01 De la Torre on the federal legislative agenda for higher education.

0:56:30 Williams asks the panel to assess what’s coming next for higher education and student activism.

0:56:52 Cain on the future of the University of California.

0:58:20 Sanchez on the future of the UC student movement and the role of lobbying.

0:59:34 Johnston on the coming explosion of internet social networking in student activism.

1:02:32 De la Torre on upcoming Congressional battles and grassroots work.

1:04:22 Williams opens the floor to audience questions.

1:04:38 Cain on UC internships.

1:06:41 De la Torre on the historical shift in the grant-loan balance.

1:08:36 Sanchez on methods of increasing student involvement in organizing.

1:09:50 Cain on the upcoming election cycle.

1:12:05 Sanchez responds to Cain.

1:13:07 Sanchez on affordability issues in the liberal arts.

1:14:35 De la Torre on controlling higher education costs.

1:15:26 Sanchez on student freedom of choice in higher education.

1:17:03 Johnston on the place of in-state public colleges and universities in American society.

1:19:26 Sanchez on the role of students’ parents in higher education organizing.

1:21:04 Johnston on students as adults and on mobilizing parents and alumni.