With the occupation of Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall entering its third day, students across the bay have launched their own action this morning.

According to a local news report, students at San Francisco State University entered the university’s Business Building at about five o’clock this morning, barricading themselves in. The student activist website Occupy California says that there are more than thirty students inside the building, with another fifty supporters gathered outside.

There are no reports of arrests or violence.

This is at least the thirteenth building occupation to take place in California this semester, and (to my knowledge) the first to be staged at SFSU.

More news as I get it, and thanks to the National Student News Service for the heads-up.

Update: 10:45 am California time | The occupation is still going on. All of today’s scheduled classes on the Business Building have been cancelled. Local news station KRON reports that students occupying the building have scuffled with other students attempting to enter, and that university administrators “say they have no plans to confront the protesters.”

11:20 am | A new @occupysfsu Twitter account has appeared. Here’s their first tweet, apparently from within the occupation:

“reclaiming sf state, starting with the business building, We Are Still Here. keep holdin’ down the outside, we’ll hold down the inside”

11:25 am | They’ve got a blog, too.

7:00 pm | The SFSU occupiers released a list of demands earlier this afternoon, and the first one on the list lets you know they’re aiming high: “We demand … that the imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Gaza are ended, and that money is used to feed and clothe the poor.”

All right then.

And yeah, there are thirty more demands on the list. Doesn’t look like they’ll be leaving voluntarily anytime soon.

4:30 am Thursday | There was a report on Twitter half an hour ago that police were breaking through the barricades, but there’s been no follow-up since.

5:40 am | The SFSU student news outfit Golden Gate [X]Press is reporting on Twitter that police have cleared both the occupation and a street protest that took place nearby as the building was being entered. Cops say they made thirty arrests, and that other than a window they broke to gain access to the building, there’s “no known damage.”

8:15 am | This local news report says 23 arrests were made inside the building, and ten more among protesters gathered outside. This report from the Golden Gate [X]Press says that eleven were arrested outside the building, including five who were attempting to stop police vans from removing the protesters who had been arrested inside. A 7 am statement from the university said that the building had already been reopened, and that all scheduled classes would be held as usual.

5:30 pm | The Golden Gate [X]Press has a roundup of media coverage of the protest.