An audio recording from last night’s pre-concert rally has been released, and it’s well worth listening to. It’s a female student who was arrested yesterday morning at Wheeler Hall talking about the arrests, the occupation, and the larger movement. She’s incredibly angry — you should know there’s a lot of cursing, if that bothers you — but she has every right to be.

The university should be held accountable for the decision to shut down the Wheeler Hall open university early, without warning, and in violation of previous understandings. They should be held accountable for the decision to arrest the students at Wheeler. They should be held accountable for the decision to give no dispersal order. They should be held accountable for the decision not to cite and release the arrestees locally. They should be held accountable for the decision to cart them to a jail thirty miles away, in another county, where they were held for more than eight hours.

Audio is here, and a full transcript, edited very lightly for clarity, is below.

Hi, my name is Allie. I just spent the entire fucking day in jail.ย I got fucking woken up at about five in the morning by UCPD. I came in at night, there were open doors. It was cops walking around, in this place, no problem, with open doors.ย Woken up, no dispersal order, nothing. Just said “you’re under arrest for trespassing.”

So we went downstairs and into the basement. We were held there. We were told we would be cited and released on the spot. When I was gathering my shit I had an opportunity to put on my pants and my coat and stuff, but I couldn’t take my bags. People had no shoes. They were in their underwear, some people, because they said they were going to leave us here and release on site. Not the fucking case.

We had San Francisco County Police, all of them here, we had Alameda County buses that took us out of here. What fucking jurisdiction is that? Then we went to Alameda County and we were processed there with UCPD helping with the process. I don’t know how this stuff works, but what the fuck was going on? Why were we not fucking cited and released here, why were we not fucking cited and released at the Berkeley jail? Why did we go to Santa Rita?

Eight fucking hours in jail. Fucking felt up by the female cops as the male officers stood by and watched as they touched our asses, as we lifted our underwires and shook our stuff. They fucking watched. They fucking continued this process of separating us, moving us into different jail cells, taking things away, lying to us, intimidating, threatening violence to us. Fucking bullshit.

Jonathan Poullard, Dean of Students, was here in the building when we were being arrested. What did he do for us, what did this university do for us, what does this university do for our community?

Bullshit. Fucking bullshit. Fuck the UCPD, fuck all of the police here.

We came in and we provided an alternative model for how to run a university. We provided an alternative model. We weren’t locking the doors. It was open. It was open for access to students to study in. Because they make unilateral decisions to do furloughs, to cut our library spaces, to cut our faculty salaries, to cut union workers, to do union-busting. How many classes were canceled this semester? Cutting libraries? So we open it up ourselves. And what do they do? They fuck us. They take us to jail.

Happy finals.