The Google Map of American student activism that I launched at the end of November is creeping up toward a hundred pins in about half the states. (For an explanation of the map and its rationale, see this lovely piece from The Nation‘s blog.) There’s obviously a huge amount of organizing happening on American campuses right now, and I’m having a great time tracking it.

At the same time, though, all that activity means that I’ve got a huge amount to write about here on the main site, and it’s easy to put off adding to the map, since it’s not as visible and not as time-sensitive. I’d been trying to update the map daily, but once you miss a day — and it’s impossible not to miss a day every once in a while — it’s easy for that day to turn into two, and three, and so on.

So. New plan.

Every Monday, starting December 29, is going to be Map Monday at I’ll post a copy of the map, along with a list of all the actions — new and back-dated — that I’ve added in the past week. I’ll still try to update the map during the week, but I’ll plan on holding most of the additions for the weekend.

In addition to making map updates more predictable and more visible on the site, this’ll also give me a prominent place to post about the actions that don’t wind up getting their own posts. It’ll provide a snapshot of the week’s campus organizing, and a review of some of the stories that may be getting bigger over the course of the week. Last but not least, it’ll give all of you a regular place to post suggestions for the map, while giving you a quick and easy way to check if I’ve missed something.

I’m excited about this — I think it’s going to work well. Check back on Monday, December 29 for the first new map, and feel free to post a comment here if you’ve got anything for me to add to it.