Well, this is annoying. Last April, HBO announced that it was creating a series set in a college Women’s Studies department. It was pitched as a feminist comedy, and it was going to star Julie White, who was fantastic as the funeral home chain executive on Six Feet Under. The co-creators were a veteran woman television writer and an executive producer for the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

But now it’s apparently not happening.

Jezebel has a story up today about how guy-oriented HBO’s post-Sex and the City lineup is, and down in the seventh paragraph it mentions that a flack told their reporter that Women’s Studies “is no longer in development,” which is TV-speak for dead. Oh well.

At least David Simon‘s Treme is coming to HBO this spring. And on the higher-education-sitcom front, I’m glad I turned out to be wrong about Community, which hardly sucks at all.