The regular Monday Map will be back soon, but today I’m introducing a new feature on the site — a Google Map of planned March 4 Day of Action activities.

The March 4 Day of Action to Defend Education is a national campaign that’s grown out of the last few months’ organizing in California. The folks at Defend Education and the California Faculty Association have identified hundreds of planned actions in dozens of states, but as far as I know nobody’s put together a graphic representation of what’s going on yet. So here it is:

I only started this map this morning, and I’ve got a huge amount of stuff left to add. I’ve plugged in several actions I’ve found out about directly, and I’ve made my way about halfway through the Defend Education list, but I haven’t even touched the CFA list, and I’ve largely skipped over California and New York, since each of those states has such a huge amount going on.

My plan is to compile a full list of planned actions by next Monday, and then to update the map with real-time news from the ground as things get underway next week. (“Day of Action” is a bit of a misnomer, by the way — associated actions are going to be starting as early as Monday.)

I’ll add more to the map as I get the chance, so keep checking back. If you know of an action that’s not listed, don’t assume I’ve got it in my queue — leave a comment here or at the map itself. I’ll be adding stuff I get directly more quickly than stuff I cull from outside lists.

One last thing — the goal here is to have information on organizers’ websites, blogs, Facebook groups, Google groups, etc for every action, so if you’ve got that data, be sure to send it along. Help me help folks find you!

Tuesday | Keep those additions coming! I added some this afternoon, and I’ll put up another bunch tonight.

Wednesday morning | Nearly fifty entries in the map, across twenty states. Many many more to come.