The Occupy CA blog is reporting that hundreds of students swarmed an under-construction building on the UC Berkeley campus late last night, then moved out of the building and into the streets. As of three o’clock in the morning the blog was reporting that hundreds were still in the streets, that trash cans and a dumpster had been set on fire, and that there had been two arrests. Rioters were said to outnumber police ten to one.

An online article in the Daily Cal student newspaper says that the window of a Subway sandwich shop has been broken, and that rioters have thrown trash and other objects at police.

Update | Occupy CA and the Daily Cal are both reporting that the riot broke up at about three in the morning, apparently with minimal arrests.

Morning update | Occupy CA has posted a detailed narrative account of the riot, and the site Reclaim UC has the communique issued by the organizers of the Durant Hall occupation that set events in motion.