On Wednesday, University of California president Mark Yudof posted a link on his Facebook page. The link was to a Wall Street Journal editorial that weirdly lays the blame for California’s higher education funding crisis on a single cause — excessive state spending due to an overly generous government pension policy.

(This editorial is deeply flawed — plenty of states that don’t share California’s pension setups are raising tuition and cutting higher ed spending right now, and California is an extreme case for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with pensions. To the extent that pension policy is an issue in the state, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. But that’s not my primary point here.)

Anyway, Yudof posted this link with a comment: “In case you missed it, WSJ calls it right. The causes for CA’s fiscal crisis lie with lawmakers, not the university!”

Yudof’s note received a number of replies, but my favorite was this one:

Are you trying to tell me we SHOULDN’T occupy everything?