Last Friday students who were involved in a March 3 building occupation at the California State University, Fullerton received notice that they would be charged with misdemeanor trespass. One student blogger claims that the students were told by police on March 3 that there would be no criminal charges filed against them.

The CSUF development is just the latest in a string of actions by California administrators and public officials in recent weeks intended to squelch student protest by any mechanism available. Elsewhere in the state …

  • UC Santa Cruz is imposing fines of $944 each on 36 students who participated in an occupation of the campus’s Kerr Hall last semester.
  • UCSC student Brian Glasscock is facing expulsion for his involvement in several non-violent campus actions, including the Kerr Hall takeover.
  • Dozens of other Berkeley activists are facing severe punishments under murky judicial proceedings.

I’ll have more about all these stories going forward. If you have news about developments on other campuses, let me know.

Update | A UC Irvine student writes to say that he received a letter this afternoon indicating that he is being brought up on student conduct charges relating to his participation in a November budget demonstration on campus.