A friend emailed this afternoon to ask why I hadn’t put up a post commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Kent State killings. It actually hadn’t occurred to me to write about it.

But I did speak with a reporter at length on the subject a couple of weeks ago. Her article — a solid commemoration — is worth reading. I also posted to commemorate last year’s 39th anniversary, and I’ve addressed other aspects of the Kent State story herehere, and here.

Four students were killed at Kent State forty years ago today, murdered by National Guard troops. Nine others were injured.

The dead were these four students:

Allison Krause, 19, a demonstrator, shot in the side at a distance of 33o feet.

Jeffrey Miller, 20, a demonstrator, shot in the face at a distance of 265 feet.

Sandra Scheuer, 20, a bystander, shot in the throat at a distance of 390 feet.

And William Schroeder, 19, a bystander, shot in the back on his way to class at a distance of 382 feet.