Student activists from all over the United States are heading to the University of California Los Angeles this week for the United States Student Association’s annual National Student Congress.

The Congress is where USSA, the country’s oldest and largest national student association, elects its leaders and sets its agenda for the coming year, but it’s also a lot more than that. Since 1947, the Congress has been a place where student government leaders and other student activists have come together to share ideas, plot strategy, and learn new tactics. The Congress, like USSA itself, is a crucial part of the infrastructure of the American student movement.

The Congress itself doesn’t formally get underway until Thursday, but pre-meeting events will be going on all week, and as the #NSC10 Twitter feed shows, USSA’s activists are already beginning to make their way to Los Angeles. I’ll be flying out to LA myself on Friday morning, and staying through the end of Congress next Tuesday.

As readers of this blog well know, California has produced an incredible amount of campus organizing this past year. Over the next eight days, UCLA will host an extraordinary gathering of activists from across the state and nation. It’s going to be a big deal.

Expect lots of news and previews starting today, and extensive on-the-scene coverage while I’m out there.