The UCLA Daily Bruin ran two pieces on last week’s USSA Congress — an overview/intro story and a piece on the Association’s plans for the coming year.

USSA gave the Los Angeles Free Press a Congress preview here.

My own coverage included two posts about the Association’s elections, a liveblog of its plenaries, and an overview of the biggest developments there, including a discussion of the group’s four major campaigns for 2010-11.

I also posted updates on Twitter, and on the Student Activism Facebook page.

For more, check out the USSA website and the #NSC10 Twitter hashtag. You can also follow more than thirty Congress participants on Twitter here.

If you’ve got other links, post them in comments and I’ll add them to this post.

Saturday Update | New links: A USSA intern and a young workers’ rights advocate blog about their impressions of the Congress.