I wrote a lot this spring about SB 1070, the controversial Arizona immigration enforcement law. Students (and administrators) stepped up in opposition to the bill, and momentum for boycotts and other actions in response grew steadily after passage.

The worst provisions of SB 1070 were temporarily suspended by a federal judge the day before they were scheduled to go into effect, but that case is moving forward. It’s possible that another judge will lift the suspension this fall, and there’s already discussion in the Arizona legislature about ways to recast the law to address constitutional objections.

As long as the judge’s stay remains in effect, and there’s no further action in the legislature, SB 1070 is unlikely to be a big issue on the campuses this fall. But as soon as either of those conditions changes, this law will become a big national issue again, and quickly.

This post is the fourth in a series of twelve exploring the student activism stories that are likely to make news on the American campus in the 2010-11 academic year.