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Students across the United States have been pressing hard this last year for passage of the DREAM Act, a federal bill that would give undocumented immigrants, brought to the country as children, a path to citizenship. (Under the bill, either military service or college enrollment would make such young people eligible for legal status.)

The DREAM Act has been bouncing around Congress for several years now, and with the Republican Party likely to make big gains in both houses this November, 2010 is looking like the bill’s make or break year. National student groups have been working with students on campuses across the country on a final push in recent weeks.

Multiple reports today suggest that Senate majority leader Harry Reid plans to bring the bill to the floor next week, so stay tuned…

Update | Here’s a post from the blog Firedoglake saying Reid confirmed at a press conference just now that he intends to attach the DREAM Act to the upcoming defense authorization bill. The Associated Press is now reporting that Reid “wants to” attach the DREAM Act to the defense bill, but “wouldn’t say whether he has the votes for the amendment.”

September 17 Update | The New York Times says this morning that the DREAM Act showdown has given “the student movement a chance to show its muscle.”