The ten most-read posts of the week…

1. DREAM Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: What Happened

How the bills failed in the Senate, and where they go from here.

2. Three Arrested at UC Santa Cruz Dance Party

Police bust an activist dance party on the Santa Cruz campus.

3. Campus Paper Runs Heartfelt, Thoughtful Apology for Rape Joke

A lesson in how to respond when you screw up.

4. Harvard Students of Color Blast Peretz Honor

Students reject New Republic editor’s bigoted remarks about Muslims, Latinos, and blacks.

5. Why Legacy Admissions Suck, and Why they Matter

The truth behind higher education’s biggest affirmative action program for rich white men.

6. Congressional Candidate: School Integration Will Lead to Mongrelization of the Races

The rantings of an old-school racist from the New York City suburbs…

7. O’Donnell: Co-Ed Dorms Will Lead to “Orgy Rooms”

…And some new-school wackiness from the Delaware Senate race. (2nd week on the chart!)

8. California Student Protest Crackdown Rolls On

UC Berkeley’s problematic judicial proceedings against last year’s student protesters.

9. On the “Why Can’t Whites Have a White Student Union?” Question

A classic post on an ugly question.

10. Universities Restrict Student Speech Across the Political Spectrum

Is suppression of conservative speech on campus political?