Phi Beta Cons, the higher education blog of the conservative National Review, has a story up about mixed-gender dorms at Yale.

The piece begins with a headline reference to “Adam and Eve and Steve,” and the weirdness continues from there — it mocks the “modern” administrators who have abandoned “the stuffy old mores of the past.” It notes darkly that the policy was supported “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Cooperative — a student group that holds fast to the idea that gender is a social construct.” And so on.

Two particularly weird things about this piece:

First, all the emphasis on LGBT boogeymen. “Adam and Steve” may be a new (and skeery!) approach to civil marriage, but it’s the standard configuration of a college dorm room, no? The idea that co-habitatation across gender lines is a cornerstone of The Gay Agenda is a new one on me.

Second, there’s the article the piece links to. It portrays Yale’s mixed-gender dorm as governed by remarkably conservative rules — it’s only for seniors, it’s opt-in, it’s intended for people who already know each other and have chosen to live as a group, and it only allows mixed-gender combinations on the suite level, not in individual rooms — and describes its implementation as completely uneventful. Every single person quoted in the article agrees that the policy has been a total success with no downside whatsoever.