An attorney representing Dhuran Ravi, the Rutgers roommate of Tyler Clementi, has released a statement.

Ravi is accused of using a webcam to surreptitiously view and stream video of Clementi in a dorm-room sexual encounter with another man, bragging about the incident on Twitter, and then inviting others to join him in watching Clementi a second time.

The statement, as excerpted by ABC News, read as follows:

Unfortunately, a life has been lost. Out of respect to Tyler Clementi’s family, this is not the time for explanations of defenses or justifications to be made public by an attorney.

In regards to statements made by the prosecuting agencies of their continuing investigation and whether to file bias charges against Dharun Ravi, I am heartened to hear that they are taking their time to learn all the facts before rushing to judgment. I can only hope that the public will do the same. I am confident that nothing will be learned to justify, warrant or support the filing of any bias criminal complaint.

The statement notably includes neither an apology to Tyler Clementi’s family nor a declaration of innocence as to the charges of invasion of privacy that have already been brought. It does not, despite ABC News’ characterization, contend that Ravi “did not bully Clementi.”

Molly Wei, a friend of Ravi’s, has been accused of allowing Ravi to use her computer in the spying scheme, and William Fisher, an attorney for Wei has also released a statement. Again, ABC news provided excerpts:

This is a tragic situation. But this tragedy has also unfairly led to rampant speculation and misinformation, which threaten to overwhelm the actual facts of the matter. Those true facts will reveal that Molly Wei is innocent. Molly committed no crime. Her remarkable reputation is being unjustly tarnished by uninformed and incorrect assumptions.

[Wei is a] wonderful, caring and talented young woman with a bright future [who has been] maligned by unfounded attacks on her character.

This statement also apparently included no apology and no denial of involvement in the spying incident.