Today is a national day of action to defend public education, with events planned in campuses and communities across the country. I’ll be updating the map below all day as news and information comes in.

8:15 pm | I’ll have more reports later, but right now the biggest ongoing story is the Berkeley sit-in. I’m following that here.

5:05 pm | Reports and/or photos from six California campuses. Sit-ins at Berkeley and UC Davis. National tally now stands at 76 actions.

4:45 pm | Actions in Colorado, California, Connecticut, Ohio, and Washington bring the national tally to 74 actions in 25 states.

1:05 pm | A Kansas action brings the national total to 68 in 23 states. Check out the blue pins on the map for links to reports from the field.

11:40 am | Two new actions in Wisconsin received via Twitter, one in Illinois via the blog, one in Colorado via Facebook. The total now stands at 67 actions in 22 states and Washington DC.

10:00 am | Added eight new California actions from the UC Strike Facebook page and a Massachusetts rally from Twitter.

9:15 am | Added two new actions from the Student Labor Action Project site, bringing the total to 54 actions in 21 states plus the District of Columbia.

8:35 am | Fifty-two actions in twenty-one states. I’ve posted all the actions from the Defend Education website, now I’m branching out to other sources. If you’ve got info on an action not yet listed, leave the data as a comment to this post.