The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that state investigators concluded recently that “some at the state university were not fully cooperating with [their] investigation” into Tyler Clementi’s suicide. As a result, they have filed subpoenas demanding that Rutgers turn over emails relating to a complaint that Clementi is believed to have filed within 24 hours of his death.

Dharun Ravi, Clementi’s roommate, is said to have secretly watched Clementi “making out” with a man in their dorm room via webcam hookup. Ravi is also alleged to have bragged about this spying on Twitter and attempted to stream video of a second encounter to friends.

Posts to a message board suggest that Clementi complained to his RA about Ravi’s invasion of his privacy hours before he took his own life on September 22, asking that either he or Ravi be transferred to another room.