Last Wednesday UC Berkeley Junior Laura Zelko finally got her day in court. Or “court.”

Sort of.

Zelko has been charged with five violations of the Berkeley code of conduct for her involvement in last November’s student protests. She’s the second such student to have received a hearing, and the first to choose to have her hearing conducted in public. (According to the Berkeley Daily Cal, seventeen students’ conduct cases remain unresolved.)

Zelko’s panel, composed of two professors, two students, and an assistant dean, met for eleven hours on Wednesday, but were unable to conclude their work. They will meet again sometime after November 8 to continue their deliberations.

Three members of the Berkeley community livetweeted the hearing, which saw confusion as to which version of the Berkeley code was being deployed and disagreement about whether it could legitimately proceed at all. University regulations mandate that such hearings be held within 45 days of the alleged conduct violation, but that provision was suspended last spring. Zelko asked that the charges against her be dropped due to the delay in bringing action against her, but the committee chose to proceed.