Tuition, room, and board for out-of-state students at the University of California at Berkeley topped $50,000 this year, the first time that any public university’s costs have broken that barrier.

But Berkeley, which charges out of state students who live on campus a total of $50,649 in fees, isn’t just the most expensive public university in the country — its rates top those of all but 87 of the nation’s more than a thousand private colleges and universities.

Attendance at Berkeley costs $27,770 for in-state students this year. With the average total cost for out-of-state students at American public colleges and universities standing at $23,526 this year, that means that California’s home-state students are paying more to attend Berkeley than they would to attend a typical state institution at out-of-state rates.

Oh, and Berkeley fees are slated to rise another eight percent next year.