Early this week my Google search results started lighting up with hits on an old post on White Student Unions. It took me a while to track down the source, but I eventually did — it turns out that someone was posting flyers at West Chester University advertising a meeting of a new white student group on campus.

West Chester, outside Philadelphia, is a public university of twelve thousand students. Its student body is about 85% white. As photos of the flyers circulated on Twitter, WCU students were upset and annoyed … but also skeptical.

As it turns out, they were right to be. University administrators have announced that there is no White Student Union forming on the campus, and that the flyers were a hoax. The intent, they say, was “to draw anti-racists together” — it was a case of good intentions gone awry.

The identities of the students who posted the flyers have not been released, and the university plans to take no disciplinary action.

It’s worth noting, by the way, that White Student Unions are pretty much entirely mythical — whenever they’ve been proposed, to my knowledge, they’ve been nothing more than provocations from one side or the other. I know of no instance in which students have established a WSU as an actual, functioning organization.