A student was arrested — and reportedly assaulted by cops — as she and two friends attempted to block an entrance to the Rio Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico this morning. (Link | Google Translation)

UPR was closed for two months this spring by a massive student strike. At the time, students were able to negotiate a settlement on extremely favorable terms, but administrators have since reneged on one of their major promises — an abandonment of planned fee increases.

With plans in place for a tuition hike of $800 in the coming semester, students have approved a plan for a new strike to begin on December 14. As the activist blog Desdeadentro reports (Link | Google Translation), demonstrations are already underway. A one-day walkout, scheduled for today, has brought police to Rio Piedras in force. (Link | Google Translation)

The clash between protesters and police this morning occurred as students attempted to prevent police from dismantling a campus gate. In the previous strike, students chained several such gates shut to control entry to the campus, but this morning, after subduing the students, police private security removed the gate from its hinges and carted it away.

December 7 Update | As noted in comments, university administrators have brought private security onto campus, and things are tense indeed. Students have called a 48-hour strike, and the situation is being liveblogged here (Google Translation).