The “honeypot” explanation for the rape allegations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange — the theory that his accusers had been CIA plants, recruited for the purpose of seducing him and crying rape — was always a weird one.

The whole thing had a bit of an Ian Fleming vibe, for starters. The one accuser’s supposed links to the CIA turned out to be embarrassingly tenuous. And then there was the problem of the scripting — if these women had been sent to lie, why wouldn’t they have been sent with a simpler, cleaner lie? Why not claim rapes that would be immediately understood by all as rapes, rather than assaults that would themselves become the subject of heated dispute?

The stories circulated, though, as stories do, and they wound up getting passed along by some pretty prominent people. One of Assange’s lawyers speculated that they might be true. Bianca Jagger tweeted about it all — and was notoriously retweeted by Keith Olbermann.

But now Assange has come out with his own explanation for the charges, and he dismisses the honeypot theory — which he calls “that kind of classic Russian-Moscow thing” — as “not probable.” (He claims that the women who accused him were in a “tizzy” because of STD fears, and were “bamboozled” by police, for what that’s worth. He also suggests that his lawyer was misquoted.)