It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Students everywhere are far from their universities, celebrating the holidays with loved ones. Campuses are ghost towns. Blogs like this one are running at a tiny fraction of their usual traffic.

…And nineteen UC Irvine activists are being dragged in front of a judge.

Today is three hundred days exactly since the UC Irvine administration building takeover that resulted in nearly two dozen arrests. The county DA announced just three weeks ago — in the middle of finals — that charges would be brought, and scheduled their appearance date for tomorrow.

December 29.



Update | And no, this is not a random artifact of the bureaucratic system. A UC Merced student who allegedly participated in the disruption of November’s UC Regents meeting — ten months after the UCI occupation — was called for a court appearanceĀ today. This is an intentional effort to both disrupt the lives of these student activists and deny them the community support that they would otherwise receive.)