Edward Woollard, the student who threw a fire extinguisher from the roof of Britain’s Conservative Party headquarters during raucous protests last November, was sentenced to 32 months’ imprisonment today.

Woollard, 18, was one of thousands of students and other activists who stormed the Millbank Tower building during the course of an anti-fee protest. Woollard threw the empty extinguisher from the roof of the building to the plaza below — his attorney said he aimed it at an unoccupied area, but police said they had to scurry away to avoid being hit.

The act was instantly condemned — not just by outside observers, but by protesters themselves, who immediately took up a chant of “stop throwing shit!”

In court, Woollard’s attorney described his client as “mortified … shocked, dazed, and horrified” by his action in its aftermath. Woollard turned himself in to police on November 15, after he was identified in the media, and pled guilty to the charges against him.

Woollard has been studying at a sixth form college this year, and had been hoping to be admitted to a university in the fall. He will serve at least half his sentence in an institution for youthful offenders.