(I stole the headline for this post from one by Boyce Watkins, who has a thorough and well-worth-reading rundown of the story.)

Kelly Williams-Bolar, a black single mom in Akron, Ohio, was convicted of felony records-tampering charges and sentenced to ten days in jail for registering her kids for school at her father’s residence rather than her own. She lives in the projects, her dad lives in a good district, and he’s facing a felony grand theft charge for “stealing” two years of public school for his grandkids. Oh, and her felony conviction means that she’s going to have to give up her plans to become a teacher.

Yeah. Incredible. Disgusting.

And there’s one thing in Watkins’ piece that I’d like to respond to specifically. He writes:

It’s interesting how courts find it convenient to make someone into an example when they happen to be poor and black. I’d love to see how they prosecute wealthy white women who commit the same offense. Oh, I forgot: Most wealthy white women don’t have to send their kids to the schools located near the projects.

I live in New York City, where school placement is a bit of an obsession. This kind of gaming of the system is rampant among well-off white families here, and I’ve never heard of anyone being jailed for it — much less convicted of a felony.