Two days ago, a group of more than two hundred students at Pennsylvania’s Dickinson College marched on the school’s administration building to protest campus policies on sexual assault.

They’re still there.

The Dickinson activists — a significant fraction of the total student population of the 2400-person campus — are demanding specific changes to the college’s policies, and they’ve already won several concessions. (The college has agreed to expel students found to have committed rape, and to use the campus alert system to notify students of sexual assaults.)

The Dickinson demonstrators are tweeting about their occupation using the #oldwest hashtag, and I’ll be updating this post as developments warrant.

Monday Update | The Dickinson students won. On Friday, the administration announced major changes to sexual assault policy on campus, and student tweeters declared that the vast majority of the demonstrators were satisfied with the outcome. Some students remain concerned about implementation, and the group decided to continue the occupation for one last night as a show of resolve and commitment. They left as a group on Saturday morning.