Sunday Update | New post up with links to local media stories on more than three dozen walkouts in ten states. More to come!

Saturday Update | New information is still coming in this morning. Be sure to follow @studentactivism on Twitter for the latest.

High school and college students in Madison, Wisconsin are planning a two o’clock walkout this afternoon, and they’re picking up support and planned solidarity demonstrations all over the country.

Students will be converging on the Library Mall on the University of Wisconsin campus for a teach-in on the state’s education budget cuts and new restrictions on collective bargaining at three o’clock.

Wisconsin students are encouraging students around the country to hold walkouts at two o’clock local time, and right now the national Facebook group for the walkout is currently closing in on six thousand members.

I’ll be updating this post over the course of the day as new information comes in.

11:00 am ET | More on today’s planned walkouts, including a statement from a Madison high school senior who is helping coordinate the whole thing.

11:30 am | Governor Walker has signed the budget bill. A formal signing ceremony is reportedly scheduled for three o’clock at the Capitol, the same time as the planned teach-in at UW.

11:55 am | So far I’ve heard official word of walkouts in Amherst, Massachusetts, the University of Illinois, and the University of Minnesota. More to come…

12:15 pm | Students from at least eight communities in Idaho held walkouts yesterday.

12:45 pm | Portland, Oregon, Mankato, Minnesota, Austin, Texas.

1:00 pm | Walkout coming next week in Skokie, Illinois.

2:20 pm | News of walkouts is starting to bubble up on Twitter. Most of the tweets don’t identify school or location, but Teaneck NJ, Louisville KY, and New Paltz NY are now on the map. One student has even tweeted a pic of a teacher blocking the classroom door to keep students in.

2:55 pm | More from Twitter: Three schools in Ithaca NY have walked out. And it’s worth pointing out that most people participating today aren’t tweeting about it. What we’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.

3:15 pm | According to one report on Twitter, administrators at a high school in Flint, Michigan just staged a fire drill to thwart a walkout as it was getting underway.

3:20 pm | Walkouts happening all over Wisconsin. Too many to keep up with.

3:35 pm | Reports on Twitter of walkouts in North Carolina and Ohio. That makes fourteen states and counting.

3:45 pm | Colorado, too.

4:15 pm | As the walkout reached the Mountain time zone and a teach-in began at the University of Wisconsin campus, Governor Scott Walker held a ceremonial signing for the bill at the State Capitol.

4:50 pm | The vast majority of today’s actions have taken place at high schools — I think I’ve only seen evidence of four or five college walkouts, out of a total of several dozen at least. Many of these students are reporting that they’ve been prevented from walking out, or punished for doing so. And as I noted on Twitter a few minutes ago, the fact that so many schools ban the possession of cell phones probably has a lot to do with the low profile of these actions on social media.

High school students face huge barriers to political organizing, and today’s events are particularly significant when seen in that light.

5:05 pm | New reports coming in of walkouts in Maryland and Alaska!

5:10 pm | And add Washington State to the list, too. That’s eighteen.

5:15 pm | Tennessee!

8:50 am Saturday | I’m starting to comb through news reports from last night, and I’ve already turned up one state that wasn’t on yesterday’s list — New Hampshire. Much more soon.